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Another Seyda Neen mod

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Seyda Neen - Imperial Port

Seyda Neen - Imperial Port is a total makeover of Seyda Neen, the starting location in Morrowind. I deleted the town and rebuilt it from the ground up, not for any lore or improvement reasons, but just for the sake of playing with town layouts. There is now a large dock area, a separate island for the lighthouse, vendors selling wares in the street, a new tavern for drinks and rooms, a jail, and a number of new NPC residences. There is one (short) new quest.

Several things will go wrong if the mod is loaded into an already existing character's game, such as enemies not being where they should be and cells incorrectly marked legal/not legal to sleep. To avoid these bugs use this mod on a new character.

This mod is currently incompatible with any other mod that alters exterior or interior Seyda Neen and the surrounding area, including Siege at Firemoth.

Unzip the folder, drag and drop the contents - as they exist - directly into Morrowind\Data Files, choose "overwrite all" if it warns you about duplicates, and activate the mod when you launch Morrowind from whatever launcher you use.

• Spruced up the west shack area
• Fixed some uv maps on canal pieces to prevent texture mirroring

• The barracks is now a jailhouse with a revamped interior. The prison marker and evidence chest have been moved to this building. The exterior has been moved, swapping locations with a couple of houses
• Sized down the Swamp Shed interior to better reflect the outside building. There is also now a basement bedroom belonging to the publican.
• Added a short quest
• Added back in the tree stump with a goblet and gold hidden inside
• Removed some sound nodes from exterior locations and added creaking sounds to interior shacks on stilts
• Added routes for street merchants to leave their stalls if they turn hostile
• Fixed some ownership tags
• Fixed northmarkers for Ulfrid's, Gubrohl's, and Sedav Aren's houses
• Fixed travel markers for silt striders to Seyda Neen
• For a couple of NPCs, changed which homes belonged to which NPCs
• Miscellaneous exterior scenery work

• Initial upload

• Loosely based on Alexey Rudikov's art -
• Scorch-b.png from

Open permission to do anything with this mod or the contents in it