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Stros M'kai in the Third Era, patched to work in OpenMW.

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Stros M'Kai in the Third Era is a mod I've wanted to play since its release. But with no updates in half a year to fix the instant OpenMW crashing, I eventually decided to just update it myself.

This is a patch for Stros M'Kai in the Third Era, v1.0-alpha-12.25.18
Overwrites the original meshes. Patch ESP must be loaded after Stros M'Kai ESP.

    - Removed sitting anim from 'governor Carious' (does not work with OpenMW due to NPC collision box)
    - Gave province maps a placeholder model (mod ships with missing models)
    - ex_stros_sphouse01 no longer crashes OpenMW
    - ex_strosmkai_guardtower_02 shows its textures
    - Minor typo fix for object (Plague Vicitim to Plague Victim)
    - Typo fix for plague quest crash (stros_plauge to stros_plague)

What hasn't been fixed:
    - ex_stros_palace_frnt collision box
    - ex_strosmkai_guardtower_02 collision box
    - Any other issues not mentioned
2019-06-30 - release