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Meet Monsieur the Argonian, who is an Argonian named Monsieur.

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I often find myself putting unwarranted amounts of effort into spontaneous ideas that sometimes lead somewhere. This is one of those.

Meet MONSIEUR THE ARGONIAN™. Monsieur is a lizard because, as we all know, lizards are wicked rad and totally cool. And Monsieur is no exception! Lizard is also a very good King Crimson record, but that's not important right now.

Some of the more observant users may have noticed that there is an uncanny similarity between the name of the character added in this mod and the modder that modded the mod, and you would be right. This isn't a self-insert, per se (even though it totally is! What a dork!), but it definitely is blatant. The fact that it exists is in itself part of the joke. Enjoy it for what it is!

That aside, MONSIEUR THE ARGONIAN™ can be found on the outskirts of Balmora, on the road to Caldera. He is incredibly hard to miss; if you do end up missing him, I suggest a thorough second check. I don't know what to tell you if you have a hard time finding him after maybe the 81st time. Anyway, talking to MONSIEUR THE ARGONIAN™ yields an enormous amount of humorous, definitely-lore-friendly dialogue concerning various thought-provoking topics such as the nature of his existence, pants, teatime with Dagoth Ur, the very act of dialogue itself, and much more! Fun times for all! Especially me.

There are also a couple of small quests if you know where to look.

This mod requires Tamriel Rebuilt because reasons. Also included is an optional soundpack that replaces all male Argonian dialogue with MY OWN VOICE. Also because I could.

Please enjoy the mod and don't forget to play it, too.