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Restores unused voice files for the Dunmer that I thought were wholesome.

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While installing a mod last night, I accidentally broke something and discovered an audio file I had never heard before in all my years playing Morrowind.

"So. You're the Nerevarine? Well, that means nothing to me, f'lah. I don't care if you're the damn Emperor." 

I wandered around a bit more, and a female Dunmer said to me, "Well, it's the Nerevarine! I'm honored."

These were extremely wholesome, and immersive to me. Even if the male Dunmer is being an ass. In the CS they're listed as "dialogue placeholder", and weren't assigned to anyone. I decided to change that because it just kind of made me happy to be called the Nerevarine. You can now also be appreciated by the Dunmer peoples.

I also found a few other unused files I thought were immersive and nice, so I put those in, too.

1. Place the ESP into your data folder.
2. Tick the "So, you're the Nerevarine" file in your Data Files tab on the launch screen.
3. Enjoy new voice files.

Players may experience a sense of delight from being called the "Nerevarine" by the iconic Dunmer voice actors.