About this mod

Illustrious Upholstery and Furnishings in Balmora has a problem -- an infestation of furniture golems.
Delve into the pillow mage's dungeon to discover his secrets, and take over his mad underground manor.

Permissions and credits
A Player Home, Furniture Store, Dungeon, Creature, Comedy Mod

You'll find the furniture shop nestled in the corner of Balmora next to clothier.
Read the "Help Wanted" notice and the shopkeeper will tell her troubles with the cursed manor she moved into.
If you manage to clear the place out, she'll let you have the manor below and of course any loot is yours.
In the end you'll get a magical ring to summon furniture golems and teleport you to back to the manor.
The short dungeon run is rated for about level 20 or so, but that may need further balancing.

Besides the portable furniture, the manor also inlcludes lights you can switch to make them brighter, darker, or change their colors. This feature will also be lua-fied in the future.

Includes a Massive Furniture Resource

The included furniture resource has all the many rugs, cushions, pillows, tapestries, beds, towels, and other furniture I've made or retextured over the years.
Also included is a couple new silverware and tea sets made for the next version of the Tea mod.
So far only the small rugs and furnishings are portable, using old vanilla scripts. An MWSE upgrade and more complete furniture mod is planned for the future.
It also includes all the furniture golems, weaponized pillows, and scripts.

Made for May Modathon 2019
And yes, the terrible love pillow mod sprung out of this madness: