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Pre-final version, still can have some bugs.

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Requirements: MCP

What I ask you to test:
- rig of the mesh. Especially his knees and fingers.
- visible seems on the body mesh. I know about seams on the hands and the neck, but there can be something else.

What is alright even if you think different:
- strange eyes. Yes, eyeliner & bags too. Just look at the concept at first
And then look at the mesh in game too.
- too ''human" anatomy. Sorry, that old narrow elvish torso is too strange even for me)
- design of his "armor". Too late!
- no version for OpenMW. Because it's shaders are just inappropriate for any organic objects except wooden crates...


Initial release with old armor.

Pre-final version.
- added new meshes for the armor
- minor edits of the skin texture
- reduced overall amount of the texture files
- changed settings of the skin shader
- minor changes of the rig