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A small Telvanni tower in Boethiah's Spine, made for Tamriel Rebuilt.

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Tel Sudia is a small Telvanni tower based in Boethiah's Spine, run by the not-so-dreaded Mistress Nadya. Sitting on a island infested with daedra, it remains uncontested as she handles the local population from spreading from their tomb. The island contains a small population of citizens as well as a few magical supply shops.

This is my first location mod and - in it's current state - likely won't be enjoyable for anybody outside of the niche community that this mod references. You've been warned!

This town was made for and based on the events of JRP Roleplay, a casual roleplay TES3MP server hosted by myself. This is one of several custom settlements on the server, originally built live and then recreated as a singleplayer mod.

Tamriel Rebuilt (TR_Mainland.esm)

  • The innkeeper at The Bladed Tongue needs someone to fetch some drinks
  • That's it. I didn't get around to finishing writing the main quest in time for Modathon lol

Tel Sudia is situated to the east of Hla Bulor.
River strider transport is available through Llothanis, Port Telvannis, and Gah Sadrith.
A player (vacant) house is made and planned to be a future quest reward.
Shops: A street merchant, an enchanter, an alchemist, and a healer.

2019-12-13 - Lots of expansion, various changes
2019-05-29 - Preview release