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Replaces 5 of the most commonly used shoes in the game with new models. Please read full description.

Permissions and credits

Adds a new mesh/ model for;

common_shoe_01 -> 05 - These are used 1431 times in Morrowind - BloodMoon - Tribunal

Uses 100% Vanilla textures 

No ESP required - Just drag and drop

Uses only 1 texture from the vanilla shoe texture set (per shoe)

1 single tri-shape for all

Compatible with Better Bodies, Robert's Bodies, Vanilla Bodies and Better Clothes.

I strongly advise using Better Clothes (Official) with this mod. I will not be responsible for clipping if this is not used.

Important: Install this mod AFTER Better Clothes or you will overwrite the meshes!!!

Please remember that this is work in progress and because there are so many bodies/ clothes mods and edits out there, clipping may occur with your particular set up. In the future, I hope to provide clothing (at least the bottom half of pants) that will prevent any clipping at all. Thanks!

My book on learning to model is available on Amazon here; An Introduction to Modelling

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