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Leyawynn - Sataniel - Remiros

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This mod makes the previously empty high fane corridor a more interesting location.

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Passage of Prayers
High Fane Corridor Overhaul

“It may seem weird at first, especially to the outlanders, but the central part of the High Fane isn’t any kind of altar or shrine, but a passage that cuts through the building. But it all makes sense, for this is the Passage of Prayers which leads before the Palace of Lord Vivec. Inside it the wheels spin powered by the prayers of the faithful from the whole Vvardenfell. And through spinning, they repeat and focus the intent of the prayers. All those who want to come before the Palace, should go through the corridor and carry with them a fragment of the prayers”


In the vanilla game, the supposedly grand and awe-inspiring cathedral is cut through by the simple and empty corridor. This mod attempts to make it into an interesting location with a unique background. The plugin comes in two versions - "Full" and "No Lore". The "Full" version adds some informations about the location to dialogues and books, the "No Lore" version doesn't feature those edits and may help in case of compatibility problems.


This mod may conflict with mods that modify Vivec, especially those that heavily alter the city's layout. It will also conflict with mods which affect books "The Pilgrim's Path" and "Guide to Vivec".


Idea, sound editing, and writing - Sataniel
Prayer wheels model - Remiros
Cluttering & implementation - Leyawynn
Base sound effect - Cement Factory pack from Double Trouble Audio, distributed as a part of - GDC 2017 - Game Audio Bundle
Icons, offerings and statuette models and icons - Holiday Across Tamriel mod by Lord Berandas


Everything that doesn't come from Lord Berandas is free to use for Morrowind mods as long as files are properly credited.
Part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019