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Adds wizard staff torch thingies to the game.

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Part of May Modathon 2019

Adds wizard staff torches for mage characters and a scripted spell.
They can be carried or placed in game to mark dungeons, or just light up your home.
They come in 3 variants, red, green, and blue.
The mage lights can be found in some crates and barrels or bought from traders and pawnbrokers.

Also added is a book that teaches a scripted spell to "summon" your own for a cost in magicka.
The summoned mage lights have 3 tiers of distance and duration based on your alteration skill.
The magicka cost is the same no matter your skill, but the better your skill the better your torch.
The color summoned is random.

As a bonus I also included carriable/placable tiki torches to containers and merchants.


*Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon

1)Copy the files to Morrowind/Data Files/
2)Activate the ESP plugin file in the launcher
3)Merge Objects if necessary.

If using any mods that alter the following containers, merge objects with Testool or
whatever people use these days to merge objects

Vanilla containers modified:

I used my own new leveled list so you will not need to merge leveled lists for this mod.

Recommended Mods:
Morrowind Code Patch: Specifically the Swift Casting option, it allows auto-equip from the spell.
Light Decay. Requires MWSE
*these are not required but have good synergy with this mod.

Known Issues Bugs:
The scripted spell does not function in openMW. You'll still be able to loot and purchase as normal
I may look into a finding a fix for this in the future hopefully before 2090

meshes textures and icons are vanilla or edited vanilla

Assets are modders resource for TES3:Morrowind