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This plugin allows the player to sprint, regenerate health, magicka, and fatigue at an increased rate, or get guaranteed sneak attacks.These abilities are accessed via the 'Sneak' button.

Permissions and credits

This mod is a combined (slightly tweaked and expanded) version of three excellent mods by Kirel:

Kirel's Sneak Attack, Kirel's Fast Break, and Kirel's 'Take a Breather'.




-- Gain a sneak-attack bonus! Sneak with your weapon out for 10 seconds, without getting hit, and you get a guaranteed attack.

-- A temporary ability which restore Health and Fatigue (and Magicka if your character is not an Atronarch). Hold down sneak and don't move for a few seconds and it will automatically kick in. Move, or ready a spell/weapon/your fists, and the effect disappears.

-- A 'Sprint' ability with multiple levels, based on your Athletics skill. Tap sneak twice and run. Jump while sprinting and get some extra distance out of your jump! Don't be surprised if you fall over for a second if your Agility is low.