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Allows you to get Cloudcleaver by siding with Sosia, without having to kill her!

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This morning when I checked the Nexus, I saw this mod, and I whereas before I was ambivalent towards not getting Cloudcleaver at the end of the quest, now I had to have it. I whipped this up as fast as I could. 

This is a minor quest tweak to allow you to get Cloudcleaver as a reward for the Recovering Cloudcleaver quest, and marks the quest as finished after helping Sosia. I play as a very just and fair character, who happens to be a Supreme Woman Respecter. She would never side with Hlormar over Sosia, much less kill Sosia after she'd agreed to help her. I can finally have a cool axe, and still respect women in the process!

There are two versions of this mod, the "normal" version which has slightly tweaked dialogue and final journal entries, and lets the game mark the quest as finished so it doesn't clutter up your log. Then there's the lesbian version, which has the same result but has gayer text and journal entries. Check the screenshots!

(The hair Sosia uses is from a Sims 4 port mod I'm working on, just securing the last permissions!)