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Adds 10 mercenaries for hire to Vvadenfell. See description for full details.

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The Followers adds ten mercenaries´╗┐ for hire to choose from across Vvardenfell. They have no chatty dialogue, no annoying text boxes and will always be behind you. They have one topic. "Leave service". They live to serve you until they are dead. You can ask one to leave your service at any time and take another if you so desire.

There are one of each race available and ten different classes. Find the one that suits you and you may have a helper for life.

They will levitate and water walk as and when the player does and will also level up with the player, increasing their skills.

Their speed and distance are set from within their script so no need to keep checking over your shoulder.

The Imperial mercenary has her own new shield model - ( see Imperial Lion Shield´╗┐ ) which is unique to her and cannot be found anywhere else.

As is standard with all companions, mark and recall will lose them so be careful. All other types of travel are acceptable.
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