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Yet another Balmora house mod, this time cramped, cozy, and Container!ised.

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Part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019

Just an old house mod I made for myself years back, using Danae's Containers! resource. It's a wee bit cramped, and it definitely conflicts with... pretty much everything, because it's a house mod in Balmora. But hey, someone might enjoy it. And I made three location options, so you might find one of them that doesn't conflict with whichever Balmora mod you're using. There's no quest or rent or anything, just walk on in to whichever location you choose.

Your choices:

Gate - by the northern gates to Balmora, near Fast Eddie's House and the Temple
Tower - on the northern side of Balmora still, but on the other side of the river, near Balyn Omavel and Caius
South Wall - this option is right next to the South Wall cornerclub, for convenient Thieves Guild access. This option comes with additional atmospheric clutter outside, for that real slummy feeling!

There are three esps, one for each of the locations. Only use ONE esp at a time. I don't know what will happen if you use more than one - it might be fine, or you might lose all of your stuff in a strange container bug. Who knows?

Danae, for the Containers! resources used. Thank you! :)
Darkelfguy, Petethegoat, RedFurryDemon, and Matt from work, for reporting bugs.

1.2 -- added location options, fixed a typo, removed rogue edits, made the entryway slightly less narrow.
1.1 -- added the actual resources. The house should no longer be a mass of missing mesh signs. Oops.
1.0 -- Original release