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Drarayne Thelas' Comfy Pillow will now be a useful asset to all vampires looking for a restful day.

Permissions and credits
Part of the Morrowind May Modathon Month 2019

Tired of your vampire getting their rest disturbed by Vaermina's intrusions? Are you looking for a roleplay-friendly solution without completely disabling/reducing the nightmares?
Comfy Pillow for a restful sleep offers such an option by giving some use to a lesser known unique object from the base game: Drarayne Thelas' extra-comfy pillow.
From now on, sleeping as a vampire with the pillow in your inventory will disable the nightmares. Get rid of the pillow to experience them again. Simple as that.

An alternative plugin is available for those who use Trainwiz's Truly Disturbing Vampire Dreams and would like a relief from their night terrors.

This archive is BAIN-ready for an installation with Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2.
Only use one version of the mod's plugin.

For a manual installation, copy the contents of the folder of your choosing from the archive to the Data Files folder of your Morrowind installation, then activate the plugin with your mod manager.

Remove the mod's plugin from your Morrowind installation.
Don't forget to clean your save with Wrye Mash.

Will conflict with mods that modify the vampdreamScript script; the plugin loaded last in your load order will prevail, but no other issue should happen.
An alternate version of the plugin is available for users of Trainwiz's Truly Disturbing Vampire Dreams; it must be used instead of that mod's plugin and not with it due to the way both mods work.

Otherwise, it should be compatible with everything, including other vampirism mods.

Do as you please with this mod; please include this readme with the credits it contains and credit me (redondepremiere) as the original creator of this plugin.
You are welcome to make versions compatible with other mods that might modify the same script, and to translate the plugin in other languages (I'll do the french version myself, but you can make a quebecois one if you want).

Thanks to Trainwiz for his silly "Truly Disturbing Vampire Dreams" (the compatible version is basically a modified version of that plugin, he deserves the original credits for that one) and for all his great contributions to Morrowind and other TES games.
Thanks to Chinami for the illustration (which is based on a frame from the video CLIFF RACERS by zilchonum )
Thanks to the Morrowind modding community for still being awesome after all those years; consider this a little thanks on my part for the non-french players.