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Alters the value and weight of several misc items, in addition to other things.

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Are you a Bosmer? Do you want to steal people's cups and plates and make mad money fencing them off? Is you're money in they're pocket's, along with you're grammar skill's? Well have I got the mod for you!
Many misc items have been adjusted to somewhat realistic weight values and value... values. In addition, your actions have consequences, and the consequences will never be the same: steal an item with specific lore to it and you might just end up getting yourself killed in cold hard VENGEAAAAANCE!
Side effects of this mod may include: incessant hoarding, increased kleptomania, heightened player character gold worth, piles of septims, bosmer-related accidents, increased spending on harlots and courtesans, and maybe even death. Consult all of your parents, all of your priests, all of your pastors, all of your rabbis, all of your imams, all of your gurus, all of your monks, all of your magi, all of your counselors, all of your camp counselors, and your country's president, prime minister, gods, king, queen, prince, emperor, lord, sultan, czar, caesar or pontifex before installing this mod.

Any mod that changes misc items (aside from graphically) is non-compatible with this mod. Any item that changes the cursed item scrips will be somewhat compatible with this mod. Contact mod maker if any further compatibility issues are found.