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Hello there!

these are not my mods, I am not a modder. I am looking for old Morrowind mods in the web,and here I upload what I found interesting to my taste.

These are mods that add something to our favorite swamp city Seyda Neen. I dont want big expansions and overhauls, just small but essential additions

Permissions and credits
Here are some building mods for Seyda Neen, that are not just buildings, but have meaning.  I highly recommend Mods Seyda Neen Supplies and Rothris Home. They fit perfect together and the stuff I upload there is inteded to fit with these mods
Seyda Neen Supplies: https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43106
Rothris Home: https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43636

I only upload mods that have permission from author to be distributed or dont have restriction from author to be distributed

Mod name: Darvame's House
Author: samuai

You know the Silt Strider pilot Darvame, the poor thing always standing on his duty? Now she owns his nice deserved house, a place to sleep and live, near Silt Strider. The house fits well into picture of the city, placed where it would less likely too conflict with something. 

Message from author:

"This house was meant to fill a hole in the  practically barren landscape but the new version can be taken by a player character for the period that he spends in Seyda Neen. Darvame Hleran is the silt strider opperator and it seem's she didn't own a house of her own so I gave her one."

2) Mod name: The Alcoholics Guild
Author: Antiscamp

It is not really a guild, just a hideout. Here you find your company, if you are alcoholic :)  

Message from author:

"This is a totally useless MOD for all those in need of some good drinking-company in Morrowind. The Alcoholics Guild MOD adds a small house right outside Seyda Neen where a bunch of friendly alcoholics hang out. Just ask around in Seyda Neen, the house is not too hard to find. There are no missions or quests in the guild, no, it's all useless."

3) Mode Name: Five Toes Guild
Author: Vandermast

Adds a house with quest down the siltstrider hill. Haven't played it yet so cant give feedback. Non compatible with "The Real Point Tavern" Mod!

Message from author:

"Down the hill from the silt strider in Seyda Neen sits a house.  Inside the house 
is a strange and mysterious man who needs your help.  Will you give it to him?  
No?  That's some attitude you've got there.  
You may find that there are some surprises in store...."