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Mod that allows you to build a house, foundation, even Vivec Cantons, anywhere you want!
Requires you to run the OpenMW engine.

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Morrowind Constructor allows you to construct buildings anywhere in the world of Morrowind, though not in Mournhold, yet anyways. It must be an exterior.

Due to scripting limitations in the original engine, you must be running OpenMW to use this mod currently.
Eventually, I may be able to make it run in the Original engine or with MWSE.

there are about 11 buildings.

1. Hlaalu House
2. Hlaalu Manor
3. Imperial House
4. Ashlander Hut
5. Velothian(Vos Style) House
6. Velothian Manor
7. Velothian Temple (Like in Balmora)
8. Redoran Hut
9. Redoran Manor
10. Skaal Longhouse
11. Vivec Canton

There are also two foundations, Imperial and velothian style.

The readme contains instructions, as well as the in game scroll.

To get started, visit Balmora and look for a crate on the Silt Strider stairs. 
Alternativly, use the console command "placeatpc zh_crate_01 1 1 1" to place the crate where you are.

You should use a furniture mod to furnish your house. I recommend Dave Humphry's mod:

In the future, given enough interest, I may make my own furniture mod once my placement system is better.

I also want to be able to make interiors a bit more configurable.

Below are some videos demonstrating and instructing. The written instructions are likely sufficient, but you may look at these if needed.

This video demonstrates the plaza and newer rotating mode. Skip to 5:12 for the instructions.