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A high resolution (2K) retexture of the Imperial forts with normal maps and parallax maps. The texture pack aims to stay true to the original color palette. Works only with OpenMW 0.40 and newer. Latest version is always recommended.

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Imperial Towns Normal Mapped

This is a vanilla friendly high resolution texture pack of the Imperial forts featuring normal maps, parallax maps and a couple of specular maps. It replaces most textures in the imperial town buildings. It does not replace the towns, see the above link for that. You are required to use OpenMW and add a few lines in the settings.cfg file to use the normal, parallax and specular maps.

To use this as intended, you need OpenMW. I recommend using the latest version which is, at the time of writing, is 0.45. The shadows featured in the screenshots will be available in version 0.46.0, but you can already get them if you download the latest nightly version.

I think the normal maps might theoretically work with the new PBR version of MGE, but you'd need to edit some things with the textures for it to work. Feel free to make a MGE version of this mod if you want to.

Known issues:
I was planning on releasing this mod with the atlas meshes, but I ran into some problems because of how the unwrapping was changed. If I can sort this out, I will of course upload the atlased version. For now though, you'll have to use a non-atlased version.

To install:
I really recommend you to install the mod the OpenMW-way by using multiple data folders. Otherwise, it will also work if you just extract the contents to your Morrowind Data Files folder, but I do not recommend this. See the link above on how to install the way I recommend.

When installed, you have to activate the shaders for for the normal maps, parallax maps and specular maps, unless you haven't already before.

  1. Find your settings.cfg file according to the operating system you use
  2. Add these rows:

auto use object normal maps = true
auto use object specular maps = true

#The next rows are not needed, but recommended

force shaders = true
force per pixel lighting = true
clamp lighting = false

You are done!

If you want to read more about how the normal maps work in OpenMW, you can visit this link:

- Lysol