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Rebalances Staves, Spears, and Halberds to make them more viable. Also makes halberds do chopping damage rather than thrusting.

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There's many mods that do this already but for some reason none of them seemed to ever actually effect halberds for me (or they just very slightly raise the chopping/slashing damage and not changing the thrust damage) so I just went and made my own.

I can not guarantee it's fully completely balanced but nothing should be overpowered as I used the vanilla stats of other weapon categories as a guide, and usually went below them slightly.

I made spears and staves have lower max damage but higher minimum damage (basically how vanilla spears are designed but slightly stronger), to make them more consistent, and made halberds have higher max damage with 1 damage minimum (mimicking great axes)

I also gave everything decent secondary attack ratings for the people who manually choose attack styles in case if you wanna change things up (slash for spears and halberds, chop for staves)

NOTE: I increased the weight of almost all staves (some by double) to counteract the relatively massive damage increase they got. I know it doesnt make sense but that's how morrowind works (the heaviest one is the daedric staff obviously and its weight is 48)

Unchanged Items:
- Silver Staff of Paralysis (already has high attack for some reason, didnt wanna change it)
- Staff of Llevule (unacquirable)
- Spear of the Hunter (seems alright as it is)
- Bound Spear (not messin with spell stuff)

rebalanced spears, staves, halberds
halberds now do mostly chopping damage rather than thrust
increased enchantment level of some staffs
increased enchantment level of silver spears and staffs
increased enchantment level of glass halberd (10)
increased enchantment level of adamantium spear (10)
some pre-enchanted silver spears in the game werent considered silver weapons, fixed that
full detailed list of changed values in readme (under the docs tab on nexus)

this mod should be fully savegame compatible, but do note that any custom enchanted items you have wont be affected
should be compatible with all mods as long as they dont change the attack, weight, and enchantment values of weapons
if you have incompatible mods installed it shouldnt cause any game breaking issues but my mod might not work
I'm pretty sure you need both the expansions to use this mod, feel free to try anyways if you dont have them though

unpack the ESP into your morrowind data files folder
NMM/Vortex should work but Im not sure

If you have any suggestions of changes I might make to the balancing let me know, but I'm pretty happy with it.