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Beware the Lich's treachery! Only the brave and the quick-witted will survive his evil machinations...

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Beware the Lich's treachery! Only the brave and the quick-witted will survive his evil machinations...  

These plug-ins make up a gripping adventure that adds new quests, weapons, locations, characters & monsters to the realm of VVardenfell.

Act I is a small adventure that sets the scene for a much larger mystery. In Act II things get a little more... complicated

Ruthless and spiteful are the liches of Vvardenfell. Vile, soul-less abominations that brood in their lairs plotting insidious rituals of destruction. But nobody knows from whence they first came. Until now...

Carrying The Blade of Souls to the quiet hamlet of Goldington you realise that something is rotten in this seemingly peaceful village. A brutal murder has set the villagers tongues wagging but who is behind this foul deed? And what has happened to the mysterious Delvarenon, who first charged you with The Blades retrieval?

This latest update now includes loads of intriguing subquests hidden throughout the village of Goldington. Set up a honey trap for a rogue thief, or explore Dwemer pirate strongholds... Whatever your decision you'll discover that there is more to this simple hamlet than meets the eye!

Scourge of The Lich Father features...
  • Several new NPCs
  • A whole new village with many locations
  • A castle for you to live in (if you can storm it successfully)
  • A faction for you to join
  • A new set of armour
  • A handful of unusual new weapons
  • Plenty of surprising subquests
  • A very special new creature
  • A unique dungeon modelled on the Catacombs of Paris