About this mod

Another Artificial Intelligence Texture Upscale

Permissions and credits


I was testing out A.I. Gigapixel and was impressed with the results so I decided to share.
This is a simple drag and drop texture replacer.
No other mods/requirements needed.
Replaces all vanilla textures with a 4x upscale.
Does not replace UI or vfx like spells because I didn't feel it was necessary. 


Back up your games Data Files folder.
Extract the Textures folder into your games Data Files folder.
Click yes if it asks to overwrite.
Regenerate distant land if you use MGE XE.


All comparison screenshots were taken using OpenMW V0.45.0


A.I.Gigapixel updated to V4.0 
Updated all textures with it.
All textures have improved.
Some more than others.

Added 3 missing textures.