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The children had a ring to allow them to escape from trouble. One of the children dropped theirs. I hope you find it. There's a button on one door frame you might not want to push if you haven't got it. I think the children's play house inside the tree has an exit. If not that ring may be why there isn't. Jauffrie trapped Leeann in there once.

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This is a mod a bit like an Easter Egg.  It is just a matter of figuring out where in a cave near Seyda Neen a door has been revealed.

Many an explorer who leaves no stone under turned, no pond not searched, no cave not spelunker would find it.

I have the sense of an archaeologist.  I find things when I am looking for something else, some times I never find what I am looking for because I do that. 

One such incident was while dodging a couple of criminals in a cave.  I dove into the water nearby to escape them.  Hoping they couldn't swim.  I found an underground cave with a skeleton.  A fishing pole, a sword, a basket, and a few other items gave me the idea the skeleton was an old fisherman.

There in was a chest full of stuff too.  While swimming down to the old skeleton to see what all it had, I might learn from, my sleeve snagged on something.  I thought I was going to drown.  In the struggle to free my sleeve, while pulling off my wet shirt, there in the muck appeared something darker.  It felt like a rough piece of flat wood.  The sleeve came loose.  After a few more dives clearing the mud I found a door.

The rest is history.