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Its as simple as it sounds, This Mod adds an alternative to the other existing Health Mods that are sometimes unavailable or dont do the simple Task of Retroactiveness.
So this is exactly what it says - Retroactive Health with Vanilla Health Calculation.

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Now for OpenMW and MWSE

This is working Retroactive Health, based on Vanilla Calculation for Health. 

This means that your Maximum Health is recalculated every time your Strength, Endurance or Level changes.

Formula for Health: (Strength + Endurance)/2 + (Level - 1) * (Endurance/10) 

This also means that, if some Curse or sth. reduces your Strength or Endurance you might just die or walk around with really low Maximum Health.

Now FIXED, so its completely true to Vanilla.

Also after looking at how OpenMW handles scripts, I´ve decided to make an .omwaddon aswell.

Please tell me if something doesnt work.