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This mod, part of a series of mods I'm making called "Morrowind Minor Modifications" (MMM), adds a new supply chest to Caius Cosades' house for members of the Blades, and modifies the contents of the Fighters' and Mages' Guild Supply Chests.

Permissions and credits
The new supply chest is marked "Blades Supply Chest," and is against the wall opposite of Caius Cosades' personal storage chest. It holds the following:
    Common Shirt (03_c)
    Common Pants (03_c)
    100 Iron Arrows
    2 Apprentice's Lockpicks
    2 Apprentice's Probes
    10 Torches
    5 Standard Restore Health Potions
    5 Standard Restore Fatigue Potions
    10 Cheap Restore Fatigue Potions
    2 Cure Common Disease Potions
    2 Standard Fortify Personality Potions
    2 Standard Fortify Speechcraft Potions (Fortify Speechcraft 5 pt for 60 seconds on Self)

The Fighters' and Mages' Guild Supply Chests now have the following contents...

Fighters' Guild Supply Chest:
    5 Standard Restore Health Potions
    5 Standard Restore Fatigue
    10 Cheap Restore Health Potions
    1 Standard Fortify Endurance Potion
    1 Standard Fortify Strength Potion
    1 Standard Fortify Health Potion
    1 Standard Fortify Fatigue Potion
    2 Apprentice's Armorer's Hammers
    1 Fighters Guild Charter
    1 Fighters Guild Minimanual**

Mages' Guild Supply Chest:
    10 Standard Restore Magicka Potions
    10 Cheap Restore Magicka Potions
    1 Standard Fortify Intelligence Potion
    1 Standard Fortify Willpower Potion
    2 Standard Fortify Magicka Potions
    5 Lesser Soul Gems
    1 Scroll of Almsivi Intervention
    1 Scroll of Divine Intervention
    1 Mages Guild Charter
    1 Mages Guild Minimanual**

**The Fighters' and Mages' Guild Minimanuals contain reference information about each Guild for the player. They give the player more info on ranking, trainers, services, and more.

See "articles" for a preview of the minimanuals.