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This mod adds a small, uh, ( I called it a castle...) building thing that has some rooms, some merchants, and more importantly, an activator that spawns creatures.

Permissions and credits
Can't figure out how to embed a video, but go check the mod out here -> https://www.youtube.com/embed/gj8lAEEFlpY

***Added in v1.1 

Fixed a vendor
Added some furniture and decorations to the Alchemy and Storage rooms, as well as vendor rooms
Made the place a little less ugly

***Added in v1.2
Started a framework for an alchemy ingredient dispenser. Works with limited options atm. Located in Alchemy Room on table
Added a potion dispenser to arena. The potions are, IMO, fairly balanced as far as costs goes. Also created some custom melee, ranging and magic buff potions to use for the arena or out on your adventures, again, IMO, fairly priced

In the so called castle, you will find four rooms, that are bland and copy/pasted as all get out. There is two more open rooms that both house merchants.

In the middle of the main area, you will find a teleporter that will take you back to Balmora, or to the, and I quote, "arena".

Now, in the "arena", you will find an activator. And when said activator is activated (…) it brings up a menu that, wait for it... brings up more menus!
Yes! Menus for days in all their beautiful glory!

But seriously, Each menu contains a sub list of creature spawns, that start from the weakest of the weak, to getting roflstomped if you're not careful. Not really, it's not all that bad. But there's a good bit of options, and a good bit of them have multi-spawn options. 

I know it's unbalanced, due to the cost vs. reward of some of the summons, hence why I'm considering it a "cheat" mod.

It is still in early stages, note some of the TBR pages. I will update regularly, as I create more monsters, or get requests to add monsters from peoples mods.


This is an OpenMW mod ONLY!!!! Due to the restrictions of the character limit in Morrowind's Construction Set, I cannot make this mod for Morrowind. Well, I could, if I went back and edited the hell out of it and cut the script size in half. I may do it one day, if enough people are even interested.

Anyways, I am no world editor, as you will quickly see. Feel free to mod it in any way, as long as I am left credit for the original script. Please give me feed back on what should be added, changed, removed, etc and I'll do what I can.

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Enjoy the mod!