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Restricts Solstheim dialogue options and rumors. Now only Jonus Maximus, NPCs who are Agents, and the people of Solstheim and Khuul will talk about Solstheim.

Permissions and credits
This is an improvement upon the ideas of a mod by Illuminiel called Illy's Solsteim Rumour Fix.

What's wrong with Illy's mod?
Well, aside from it spelling "Solstheim" wrong everywhere, I felt that the mod didn't go far enough in how it filtered the dialogue. Did you ever notice, while playing with Illy's mod, that after you learned about the Solstheim topic, it would become available for every NPC? This deals with that by restricting those lines to Agents, like some of the other lines that Illy filtered. NPC-specific lines have not been touched, nor those pertaining to the populations of Solstheim and Khuul - only the generic responses that Bethesda added to every NPC.

Any known issues?
None at the moment. I played with it for a while, tested a few scenarios and it seems fine. It only touches a few areas of dialogue, so there shouldn't be any problems. However, I am still new to the CS. Let me know if you find anything.

Copy to your Data Files folder. If you were using Illy's mod, you can remove it, as it is now unnecessary.

Additional Info:
There are four generic Solstheim lines that Bethesda added to every NPC:
(1) A terrible place, I've heard. There's a boat from Khuul, if you have any reason to go.
(2) I've heard of the place. I believe there's an Imperial fort up there. Fort Frostmoth, or something. If you want to go there, check around in Khuul. There may be a ship that'll take you.
(3) That's the frozen island up to the north, right? Sounds awful to me. If you're looking to get there, you might check for transportation in Khuul.
(4) A miserable place, from what I've heard. Too cold for me. I understand there's someone in Khuul who will take folks there, though.

These lines are not selected from at random. Rather, the line that you get is based on your disposition with the NPC, and the quest stage of the journal topic BM_Rumors, i.e. "An Island to the North." If you've already learned of the boat from Khuul, line 1 is always selected. If you haven't learned of the boat, one of the others is selected based on disposition - line 2 at 70 disposition, line 3 at 40 disposition, and line 4 otherwise. Lines 2, 3, and 4 will also advance the quest stage, since you've learned of the boat after reading them. Hence why you've probably seen line 1 far more often than the others.

It is these four lines that this mod primarily focuses on. The biggest change is that they are only available to NPCs of the Agent class, making it a bit harder to get the Bloodmoon questline started. I also made an exception for lines 1 and 4 to be available to Jonus Maximus, since he should know about Solstheim (more on this below). The boatman S'virr (who takes you to Solstheim) has his own line, left unchanged. The population of Khuul also have their own line, also left unchanged. And of course, I didn't touch any of the Solstheim NPCs' lines.

An important feature of Illy's mod (mostly carried over in mine) was related to the "latest rumors" dialogue option. In vanilla Morrowind, every Imperial could give the "My son was recently shipped up to Fort Frostmoth..." rumor. Illy's mod restricts this rumor to only Jonus Maximus of Ebonheart, as does mine. Hence why he should have the Solstheim topic available. I only gave him lines 1 and 4, because lines 2 and 3 make it sound like he doesn't know enough about it, considering the rumor he gives.

There is also a rumor about a mining charter on Solstheim. In vanilla, this rumor is available to all Dark Elves. Illy's mod changed it so that only residents of Khuul could give this rumor. Additionally, there is a rumor about trouble at Fort Frostmoth, given to all NPCs in vanilla. Illy's mod restricts this to Agents. My mod carries over both of these changes as well.

Finally, my mod adds a "NoLore" check for the generic Solstheim dialogue options. This makes it so that NPCs won't have the dialogue option if they're not supposed to give lore. This should clean up most occurrences of NPCs who aren't supposed to have dialogue, still having the Solstheim topic available. I doubt this will affect much in vanilla, considering the other changes that were made, but I thought it was safer to check anyway. Also, this may benefit mods that add NPCs who aren't supposed to have dialogue.