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A dwemer fort full of many things to see and kill, Sthomrond's Fort is a well protected place so be careful when exploring.

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Sthomrond's Fort is a normal dungeon that you would find in vanilla morrowind but the only difference is, you will find yourself rushed at by the remaining protectors of the fort, many things to collect and sell that sit left untouched, well until you come along the fort that is, this is the last stand for Sthomrond's Fort, I want it to be known that if anyone would like me to make more floors for the fort let me know, since the fort is the type of dungeon when you plunder and steal treasure. 

Sthomrond's Fort is North-west from Tel Vos/Vos on the coast, you really cant miss it..


Sthomrond is a dwemer warlord and general that is well dead, The fort was his to rule and so he did, with an iron fist, The fort was very active in its prime making and building weapons and things to this day still unknown.

Sthomrond was preparing to attack a nearby Imperial fort that was under construction that is now called Tel Vos, Sthomronds Fort was a war station ticking down the time to when the attack on the Imperial settlement, but sadly before Sthomrond could attack  Sthomrond had conflict with another dwemer resulting in the both of them fighting to the death but with Sthomrond losing the fight and dying to the hands of the other dwemer his fort remains active, and untouched.

Scholars that had come across the ruin fort did not dare enter as of the high activity of the fort but luckily one of the scholars found a set of texts engraved in stone, stating that Sthomrond will return and his time of death, but due to weather on the stone its unknown if he died before or after the disappearance of the dwemer race.