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Flying Guars - Al3ster - Petethegoat - ThatDwemerGuy - TheDrunkenMudcrab

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Hidden within the lost echelons of oblivion Vaermora sits. Ruled by High Arbiter Vermillion, it soon faces annihilation at the hands of outside influence. Will you save it, or damn it to die?

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A Morrowind Modding Madness mod by the Flying Guars
Legends say that the daedric princes do not, in fact, hold domain over every realm of oblivion. Nay, there are countless places within the Aurbis that remain unsullied by their influence. Vaermora is one of them. A slipstream realm of oblivion situated near Vaermina's Quagmire, Vaermora is a town floating out in Aurbical space ruled by the enigmatic High Arbiter Vermillion and policed by the virile Crimson Argonauts. It is a place where people go to become lost. It is a place where lost people go to become found. 

Recent activities have drawn notice to this demiplane of existence: to know more, simply ask a citizen of a Telvanni town about a "Little Secret", or simply visit the outside of Kushtashpi (located on the northern shores of the Grazelands) to track down the source of these rumors. 

Your choices will affect the fate of Vaermora. Shall you save it, or damn it to die? 

This mod is a town mod. If you're expecting a lot of bloodshed, there is only a certain path that can placate to your desire. Most of Vaermora will be talking, exploring, lore-gathering, and immersing yourself in a faraway land and its unusual customs and people. 

The features of this mod include:

• A full town, complete with 8 interiors, custom tilesets, and lots to explore! 

• 15 quests (3 Main Quests and 12 Side Quests), each of which seeks to enrich the player in the strangeness of Vermillion's domain. 

• A branching Main Quest tree with three options to side with the three factions in Vaermora vying for power and control. You choose Vaermora's fate!

• A dedicated player home that you must quest for to obtain. 

• Multiple unique documents and notes for the avid lore-fans out there!

• Tons of unique assets that seek to make Vaermora stand out from your typical "town mod". You will not find a mod like this anywhere else.

Version 1.0: Initial Release

Version 1.1: Fixes some typos. Removes floating object. Moves incorrectly placed sound generator.

Version 1.15: Fixes a major main quest bug.

To begin this quest, simply ask around in a Telvanni town for "Little Secret". Alternatively, seek out M'aiq the Liar, as he has a Little Secret of similar helpfulness. It is hidden within half-truths, however. 

Take great care when taking quests from major faction questgivers in the area. Completing a main quest automatically bars the other two from completion. You can, however, partially complete several main quests to see what a faction is about before committing to their cause.

Legends say that a goblin loremaster exists somewhere in Vaermora. His advice may be crucial to completing some vague, hidden, or otherwise obfuscated quests.

Morrowind Code Patch is HIGHLY recommended for the "Scripted Music is Uninterruptible" patch. Music is off-and-on otherwise. 

Credits and special thanks to:

• Asylum for Flora Assets
• Greatness7 for Various Assistance
• MelchiorDahrk for Waterfall Texture
MementoMoritius and Petethegoat for Various Assets

Picard_Tone.wav is based on Gloumouth1's file uploaded to wikipedia with the GNUFDL license.

All assets from our mod are free-to-use three weeks after the release of the mod (Release Date: 10/15/2018, Free-to-Use Date: 11/5/2018) save for MementoMoritius' custom sound files: they are unique to this mod, and may never be used in another mod. Pretty please.

We at Flying Guars hope you enjoy this mod!

MementoMoritius & Petethegoat: ModellersThatDwemerGuy: CluttermonkeyTheDrunkenMudcrab: Writer