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Loading Doors by abot

Automatically synchronizes linked doors locked/unlocked state on activate, lock/unlock by spell, unlock by lockpick.
Synchronized doors are not only coherent, they should work great with mods like pursuit enhanced allowing NPCs to
chase you through doors and give a purpose to the lock spell.

Basically it's the same idea as Locked Doors Fix by qqqbbb (https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/42293),
but working with any modded door from a single MWSE-LUA script.

Also makes loading doors play close sound a short time after opening.

Thanks to NullCascade for adding the missing locking functions to MWSE-Lua :-)

requires latest development MWSE-Lua

v 1.07 - more sliders and tweaks
v 1.06 - fixed other typos, made door sound playing simpler but more reliable
v 1.05 - added MCM in-game control options panel, fixed a bug with locked doors sounds
v 1.04 - fixed a missing test for a potentially nil value
v 1.03 - more tweaking for better door recognition
v 1.02 - better destination door retrieve, added closing door sounds
v 1.01 - fixed a global test possibly crashing if you are not using any of my other mods

Note: to reset mod configuration, you can simply delete the
Data Files\MWSE\config\abotLoading_Doors.json file