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A sprawling questline full of action and intrigue with a fully radiant quest system, new loot and more!

Permissions and credits
Fix the 
fetchElamData.json file - many thanks to liltaco1
- A spawling questline full of action and intrigue
- A fully radiant questing system
- 3 re-made dungeons with traps and challenging new enemies
- 15000+ words of dialogue
- new armour, weapon and clothing
- A dynamic base of operations that evolves with the player’s actions

Listen to the latest rumours in Balmora to start this mod BEFORE finishing the main quest.

This mod uses the alpha and thus experimental and not necessarily stable 2.1-branch of MWSE, currently in development. By using this mod, you're basically
asking to be a tester! If you encounter any issues please post a report, ideally on the MWSE bug trackerYou can download the latest nightly build from the link below.

This this mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) version 0.10.1. Older versions will not work with MWSE 2.0+! Additionally, it will require the latest nightly build of MWSE 2.1.
(Known issue:  UI Expension has a bug at the moment that breaks choice results, so it will break this mod and any other that has choices)

Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.

Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
Westly for the hair model used in the clarity helmet
LondonRook for the dungeon torture assets
Nullcascade for implementing MWSE features as we needed them
Rubberman for a mushroom model