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Argonians can breathe water and have a special swim animation, but swim as slow as any land-dweller. This mod gives all Argonians a Swift Swim ability that is always active and makes them much faster.

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Why are Argonians so freaking slow underwater?

They're big, waterbreathing lizards, and they swim with their ginormous muscular tails!

This tiny tiny mod adds a 70 point Swift Swim ability to all Argonians. This means that Argonians are actually faster in water than on land, but with a strong tail like that, they ought to be. Compare penguins, or seals.

Unfortunately, the added racial ability will only activate on new characters. 


Recommended mods:

  • Constant Argonian Water Breathing, which changes the Argonian Water Breathing spell into a constant ability.
  • Water Life by abot, which adds tons of fish, starfish, crabs, snails, and other deep-sea critters, including whales and sharks. Now you'll actually want to explore underwater. Furthermore, different temperature zones have different fish. You're not likely to find tropical fish around Solstheim. 
  • Vurts Corals adds corals and reefs to the ocean floor. Looks really nice in conjunction with Water Life.
  • Enhanced Water Shader makes the water 1. very pretty and 2. quite clear. You'll be able to sea the Water Life fish swimming around and dive in yourself.

Unique Ocean Landscapes is also worth checking out, but seems to have been abandoned after completing the West Gash coast. Furthermore, it is not compatible with Vurts Corals.