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Greetings regarding clothes are limited to clothiers, nobles and snooty High Elves.

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This mod was inspired by Mort's Outfit Greetings Removed.

Instead of removing the greetings completely I've just tweaked the requirements a bit.

In the vanilla game if you have a high reputation and an expensive outfit (clothes + armor value), then the chance of a fawning greeting about your outfit is pretty high. This becomes very tedious after a while. 
Also, commoners will say demeaning things about your clothes even when they are wearing the same outfit. Well no more!

- Clothiers comment positively about expensive clothes
- Nobles and High Elves appreciate fine clothes and get snooty about people wearing rags
- Clothiers are more easily impressed then High Elves and Nobels
- High Elves will insult you more for wearing poor clothing.

If the player and NPC fits the requirements there is a random generated chance the NPC will comment on the outfit.