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Pherim - tronvillain - nONatee

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Improved version of "Better Skulls" by tronvillain & nONatee.

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This is an improved version of the mod "Better Skulls" by tronvillain & nONatee based on the latest version 1.4b.

"Better Skulls" is a great mod that greatly improves the look of the various skulls found in the game, and increases visual consistency by using the skull from the skeleton instead of the crude vanilla skulls. However, there were a few things about it that bothered me, so I tried to fix them. This is the result.

Changes include uv map fixes, removing unneeded vertex colors from the original skeleton mesh, combining parts with the same texture, a new smoothed and optimized version of furn_bone_rib_01.nif, and  a new bone texture. Completely new skull pile model, now without intersecting geometry! I also smoothed all skulls except for those in the skull pile and the Ancestor Ghost. Unless you have a VERY old graphics card, there should be no difference in performance. In fact, as I have combined parts with the same texture into single NiTriShapes, performance may even have improved in certain situations. For all changes see the changelog.

Install with Wrye Bash/Mod Organizer (2) or manually by extracting all files and folders in the "Data Files" folder OR the "Vanilla Textures" folder into the "Data Files" folder of your Morrowind Installation. Don't use NMM to install, as you won't be able to choose from the different variants that are included!

Everything else from the original mod's readme still applies!

There is an optional file "Skeletons Atlased", which contains meshes for the skeleton creature and containers edited to use a texture atlas instead of many different textures, which can increase performance, especially if there are many skeletons present in a cell. There are various texture options to choose from: Improved Better Skulls/Connary, Vanilla and Darknut's Creature Textures. See the included readme for details on these options. The atlased meshes will overwrite those from the "Fixed Skeletons" component of the main mod, but they can also be used without it! In fact the main mod is not required at all.