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- Makes player, non playing characters (NPC) and creatures generate visual elements (blood, chunks, smoke) when they're hit
- Visual elements are based on the NPC/creature nature and what they've been hit by. The elements can include : blood, dark blood, meat chunks, dark meat chunks, bones, bone powder, metal chunks, oil, dark smoke, white smoke, fire
- All elements have an according sound effect
- Elements fade away and disappear with time or when you get away from them or when you get very close to them
- Easily configurable via a spell changing the general Gore Level. Can go from normal Morrowind to over-gory movie.
- The various gore levels allow the mod to suit to all computer configurations
- Each aspect of the mod is customizable via very simple console commands
- Gameplay bonus : fire sources can do fire damage, water protects from fire attacks, in Solstheim player and NPC produce breath smoke and water does frost damage

Note : Blood & Gore DOES NOT MODIFY creatures/NPC/races at all, so Blood & Gore is SUPER compatible with almost ALL mods.

Check the readme for more details and console commands.

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