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This mod increases the durability of all bound items to their maximum values. Additionally, Veet's Bound Pauldrons/Greaves has been packaged with a Durability Mod.

This mod comes with 4 options:
- Durability Increase for Bound Weapons
- Durability Increase for Bound Armour
- Bound Pauldrons and Greaves
- Durability i

Permissions and credits
After getting back into Morrowind and dipping into Constant Effect enchantments, I realized that CE Bound equipment still required some management. I feel as though the idea of CE items is that they are harder/more expensive but allow you to be more hands free, so i've made some very simple ESP's that increase the durability of Weapons and Armour.

Additionally, I modified Veet's Missing Bounds mod to have increased durability and included the original for those that wish to only increase the durability of arms but wish to have Pauldrons and Greaves.

The enchantment values of the Bound Pauldrons and Bound Greaves spells have been modified to make them cost less when adding to enchantments for balance sake. 

The spells are sold by Heem-la and Estirdalin. Additionally, their base costs have been greatly reduced to aid with enchantment.

Tested on a new game and an end game character.