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Removes all the trees and their connected mushrooms from in and around Seyda Neen and also adds a couple of new shacks with inhabitants.

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The Mod:
This mod removes all the trees from in and around Seyda Neen, as well as any mushrooms that were connected to those trees. Additionally, this mod also adds a number of new shacks with corresponding inhabitants to the outskirts of Seyda Neen.  Some minor landscaping was done to better accommodate the new buildings. Guaranteed clean of dirty edits.

The Grass Plugin:
Also included is a version of Vurt's Groundcover that is compatible with the changes made by this mod. Not only just compatible, but this version also tidies up the placement of groundcover in and around Seyda Neen to drastically cut down the amount of clipping and to clear well-traversed pathways for NPCs.

Before you can use the grass plugin, you need to have Vurt's Groundcover installed. Download and install Vurt's mod first, then download and install this edited version. When you generate grass, DO NOT tick "Vurt's Groundcover - BC, AI, WG, GL.esp", instead tick the edited version of the plugin, "Vurt's Groundcover Combined - New Seyda Grass.esp", and generate your groundcover using that. 

Note: You may have to set your grass density in MGE XE higher than you normally would otherwise when using the edited plugin.

To Install:
1) Drop both .esp files into your Data Files folder.
2) Activate only "SeydaNeenTreeRemoval.esp" in the launcher/mod organizer of your choice.
3) Generate Distant Land in MGE XE using "SeydaNeenTreeRemoval.esp" and "Vurt's Groundcover Combined - New Seyda Grass.esp"

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Cleaned 2 dirty references that I missed the first time. Oops.