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Fablewind 1.5v

A new way of transport is up and running or sailing!, Go to Sedya Neen and head to
the lighthouse located at the side of the lighthouse door will be a port leading to
the ship on the waters edge that will grant you way to Albion, On the port you will
find an Npc named Urich Agrellian he is your way to Albion, if anyone does a video of
many kind or twitch stream and my Fablewind mod is included i will make an Npc of you
and you will be in the Chamber of Secrets (Hall of Fame)


Features of 1.5v:

+Windmill Hill
+Bowerstone Jail
+Gibbet Woods Demon Door Fixed (Too Headsmans Cave)

+Enemy Creatures Added Too
-Windmill Hill
-Gibbet Woods

General Stuff Too Know:

-Any Dirtys Refs Pm me on Nexus and let me know i will try and clean them

Tel Shadow

Hope you all enjoy exploring what i have made and as some may know i plan on making
the whole of Albion that includes parts of Albion that you could never visit because
of the one track paths.

After i have built The Heroes Guild i will be making quests and Dialogue