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  • AltChar: Fablewind Bringing Back Fable In Morrowind Garments (By CJ)(Published 29th August 2018)

    Fablewind bringing back Fable The Lost Chapters as Morrowind modBy:Published: CJ 17:45, 29 August 2018

    While every publisher and their coding-savvy dog is out to make a quick buck with all sorts of remasters these days, some dedicated players go into modding as a labour of love. And in Fable's case, it actually shows, as you'll soon see.

    Seeing as how Fable was one of the victims of Peter Molineux's over-promising, some of which promised open world that's great for exploration and even Morrowind-killer, it was about time we've experienced it properly. Ironically, the mod has been built in Morrowind's engine, hence the name Fablewind.

    Another interesting point is that Fablewind was built using only vanilla Morrowind assets, which makes the end result ...