About this mod

Experience the world of Albion just as you did in Fable The Lost Chapters but the only difference is the fact you can go of course and explore Albion but also returning to the many locations we love in the original game. (Still Building the Albion Landmass, Currently done is the top of Albion and now i need to work my way down)

Permissions and credits

Fablewind Aims to build and create Albion as a whole but will be in the image of Fable The Lost Chapters, that will include making all the Fable locations from all the games in the locations they should be and as the land mass gets built you will have the great open world of Albion to explore that means dungeons and other stuff, i plan on putting in Fable Lore that was never seen in game like the Death Clan and the Bandit Queen that was at ties with Twin Blade, I also plan on making guilds for you to join, that being Death Clan, Black Hand Gang, Chapel of Skorm, Temple of Avo, and the Heroes Guild and many more.

This is an Open world Albion, In the image of Fable The Lost Chapters and Fable Lore Friendly, currently i have created:

Done So Far!!!

(Fable Legends)

(Fable/The Lost Chapters)
+The Tattered Spire
+Bargate Prison
+Circle of The Dead
+Old Graveyard Path
+Lychfield Graveyard
+Headsman's Hill
+Headsman's Cave
+Gibbet Woods
+Prison Path
+Windmill Hill
+Bowerstone Jail
+Bowerstone North
+Bowerstone Manor
+Bowerstone South
+Lookout Point
+Picnic Area
+The Heroes Guild

(Fable 2)
+The Tattered Spire

(Fable 3)
+The Tattered Spire
+Sunset House
+Mourningwood Fort

(Fable The Journey)
+The Tattered Spire
+NPC`s Will Have Dialogue When The Top of Albion Is Done

For fast travel to Bowerstone you can talk to the NPC at The Prison Path, She will be standing next to you as you are dropped of from the other ship, she will offer you travel to Bowerstone but not back..