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Adds a mini-quest that has you find a mirror copy of the BiPolar Blade, so that you can re-forge them both into proper swords with proper enchantments.

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I always liked the design of the BiPolar Blade, but because the enchantment was dumb I'd get bored of the sword very quickly. But I thought to myself, "hey, what if the sword wasn't  just a crummy joke item? What if the two halves of the blade could actually be made whole, into two separate weapons?"
So, with my rudimentary knowledge of 3DSMax, I decided to take a crack at mirroring the two halves of the sword to turn them into individual weapons, and I think it turned out rather nicely.

To obtain the new Polar Blades, you have to go through a mini-quest. Speak to Bols Indalen in the Craftsmen's Hall in Mournhold about the "BiPolar Blade" and he'll direct you to an aspiring adventurer who possesses a mirrored copy of the blade. (Note: In order for this dialogue option to show up, you'll have to actually have the BiPolar Blade in your inventory, so if you've sold it to the museum you'll have to steal it back.). When you track down this adventurer, you can offer to buy the sword from him, replace it for him with another valuable claymore, or simply kill him for it. Then, you can take the two BiPolar Blades back to Bols Indalen who will re-assemble them for you into the two brand new weapons: The "Light Polar Blade" and the "Dark Polar Blade". Both weapons have half of the enchantment of the BiPolar Blade (Light has calm and Dark has frenzy) with the effect magnitudes doubled to 60 points and the durations doubled to 30 seconds. Aside from the enchantment, everything else about the weapons is identical to the original BiPolar Blade (same damage, same health, same weight, etc.), The only downside to the new weapons is they can't be sold to Torasa Aram, but why would you want to anyway? :P

Like in my Less Useless Tribunal Artifacts mod, I've changed the enchantment of the original BiPolar Blade to "Cast when Used" instead of "Cast when Strikes", and the reforged blades have their enchantments set to "Cast when Used"as well.

The reforged swords use the same texture path as the original, so any re-textures of the BiPolar Blade will apply to the two Polar Blades as well.

Requires Tribunal