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This is just a re-upload of a mod that exists elsewhere but not on Nexus. I am owed zero credit for this mod. I just want to make sure this legendary mod doesnt disappear off the web forever... This is a leveling mod that removes the need for micro managing skill ups. See details for more info.

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(Original Introduction written by the Madd Leveler Team)

**How many times have you started a new game of Morrowind, only to think to yourself, "Oh crap, I have to build up my
skill X to go along with my skill Y so I can get a 5x multiplier for Stat Z." If you're like us and hate planning
this stuff out and just want to play the darn game already, this mod is for you. What the Madd Leveler mod does is
strip out any need to plan your character out in advance. Your statistics will increase automatically as you use your
skills, and you won't need to worry about trying to obtain 5x multipliers for leveling up.This mod is also a skill and attribute uncapper, effectively removing the 100 point limit.**

This no longer requires disabling the MCP uncapper when paired with the MCP. If you dont use MCP then you would have to go into the script editor and turn the uncapper on if you want it.  The instructions for changing it are inside the script itself. *Edit script - "ML leveler"*  Its very easy to change. You need the construction set to change script.

READ THE README FILE - It contains important info about installing this mod correctly.