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Reworks Dagoth Ur's Citadel's entire area, alongside Odrosal and Vemynal. I felt it needed more Sixth presence.

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I always felt like the Sixth House presence in Dagoth Ur's Citadel was underwhelming. The volcano itself was very simple, having little Sixth presence other than maybe a couple ghouls. I added more to it, and the blight cloud is much much bigger. I also decided to touch up on Odrosal and Vemynal.

The places should be, by far, much harder. Sixth are everywhere, as I think Ur is smart enough to cover himself with Sixth, either as protection, or to drive out invaders or wanderers. I also felt like Keening and Sunder heavily needed protection since his goal is to protect them against any outsiders, anyway. So, getting Keening and especially Sunder should be much much more difficult, I thought that fit the lore a bit more, although the main goal was just to make it more difficult. I reworked the areas, the main focus was Dagoth Ur's Citadel, but Odrosal and Vemynal are also touched upon. Dagoth Ur has many more enemies in it, and the Inner Facility is much more dungeon-like. This also adds missing Dagoth's into the dungeon. The overall goal was a more immersive experience, I suppose; This is the final area, after all.

This is a moderately basic mod. I did not touch any scripts or graphics, nor did I add any custom assets, so it should work with OpenMW.
Constructive criticism about the mod content is appreciated and welcomed, also feel free to report bugs, so that I may fix them.

"At the lonely hour of midnight, I fly, when stars are weeping. Beneath the echo of souls, my spirit sleeping."