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Switch between bows and crossbows without having to change ammo manually.! This mod automatically equip the first ammo of the correct type from your inventory when equipping a bow or crossbow, unless you already have the right ammo equipped.

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Automated Ammo Equip
by Merlord


Do you have a character that likes to use bows AND crossbows, but get tired of having to switch out ammo types every time you change weapons? Then this is the mod for you!

This mod contains a short Lua script that will equip the correct type of ammo whenever you equip a bow or crossbow, unless you have the right ammo already equipped. It selects the first ammo that it finds, preferring regular ammo over enchanted.

Requires the  latest dev build of MWSE, and version 10 of MGE

Simply unzip the file into your data files folder. To uninstall, just delete the directory 'Data Files\MWSE\lua\mer\ammo\'

Q: Is this openmw compati-

A: NO! But you're in luck! Someone has made an OpenMW version of this mod, found here: