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This mod allows you to complete the Main Quest of Morrowind without membership in the "Ashlanders" faction.

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Are you a loyal servant of the Empire who doesn't want to contaminate his/her character page by joining the factions of the savage natives that our Empire has subjugated? Then this is your mod. This simple mod provides you an opportunity to either accept or reject Sul-Matuul's offer to adopt you into his tribe upon completing his initiation rite. Now you can finally role play an Imperial character, who only joins factions like the Legion, and he/she won't be bullied into a faction hostile to the Empire by the Main Quest.

All the dialogue of Sul-Matuul, and Kurapli (an ashlander woman who has a task for you once you are a "Clanfriend) have been altered to reflect upon your choice, and there is a new journal entry if you refuse to join the Ashlanders. If you decide to join the Ashlanders after all, you start with the second, "Hearthfriend" rank instead of achieving it during the Third Trial, due to some technical problems preventing me to have two different dialogues during the Third Trial, each reflecting on your decision four quests ago.

Naturally, this mod was inspired by a previous mod of mine, titled "Nationalist Nerevarine," which allows you to deliver the package at the beginning of the game to a rival (vanilla, and lore friendly) faction of the Blades, and do the Main Quest as a "nationalist" Dunmer, without Blades membership. You can  find that mod here:

The two mods are 100% compatible with each other, in fact if you use both of them together and refuse to join both the Blades and the Ashlanders then you might even role play a true "freelancer adventurer," who never joins any organizations.

Shouldn't be any conflicts with the most popular Main Quest mods either, such as Great House Dagoth. All this mod modifies is a few dialogue entries for Sul-Matuul and Kurapli, and it adds one journal entry.