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Makes factions have higher requirements for advancing, as the title says.

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Higher Faction Requirements
By: King Feraligatr

Part of the 2018 May Modathon

Mod Description:
Yep, it's another one those mods. Anyways, let's cut to the chase. I thought it was a bit too easy advance in a faction and as such made this mod, to well, make it harder to advance in a faction. While the base game was decent with the high end favored skill needed at each faction rank, the low end skills and attributes felt sort of pointless and just kind of there (especially attributes). As such, I increased the skills (low end and sometimes high end) and attributes needed at each rank. As such, you're really going to need to work at your faction's required stats if you want to advance. I did not touch the faction reputation needed at each rank though (AKA, needing to also complete faction quests to advance) so as to not mess with the vanilla game's "balance" of faction reputation. I've also only touched factions that you can actually join in the base game and don't advance purely through story means.

To spruce things up a little, certain factions are considered "high standards" or "low standards". Obviously, the stat requirements for these factions are higher or lower than normal.

To give you an idea of the required stats, here are the "normal standards" requirements:
  • Rank 0 (entry level): 40 in favored attributes, 25 in one preferred skill, 10 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 1: 40 in favored attributes, 30 in one preferred skill, 20 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 2: 45 in favored attributes, 35 in one preferred skill, 25 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 3: 50 in favored attributes, 40 in one preferred skill, 30 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 4: 55 in favored attributes, 50 in one preferred skill, 35 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 5: 60 in favored attributes, 60 in one preferred skill, 40 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 6: 65 in favored attributes, 70 in one preferred skill, 45 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 7: 70 in favored attributes, 80 in one preferred skill, 50 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 8: 75 in favored attributes, 90 in one preferred skill, 60 in two other preferred skills
  • Rank 9: 80 in favored attributes, 95 in one preferred skill, 70 in two other preferred skills

What "standards" each of the covered faction are:
  • "High" Standards: Great Houses (Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni)
  • "Low Standards": Imperial Cult
  • "Normal" Standards: Fighters Guild, Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, Imperial Legion, Morag Tong, East Empire Company (until you hit Deputy. Factor has Rank 9 requirements. Not like it matters.)
  • Mixed Standards: Temple ("Low" standards until Initiate. "Normal" standards from Initiate to Diviner. "High" standards for Master and Patriarch.)

I'm not going to list requirements for "low" and "high" standards factions to keep some things a surprise. However, they're around the requirements needed for a "normal" standards faction. Also, no requirement is higher than anything you can get naturally. Finally, some requirements might not even need to be met due to scripted "story"  advancement in some factions' questlines (usually applies to Ranks 8 and 9).

To end this description section off, I have provided two versions of the mod: Morrowind Only and Full. The Morrowind Only version only deals with the joinable factions in the base game without the expansions. The Full version includes the afore mentioned factions as well as the East Empire Company introduced in Bloodmoon.

Installation/Playing the Mod:
Download the mod folder, put the .esp you want to use in your Data Files folder, and activate the .esp in the mod organizer of your choice. Then launch the game. It's really simple and no different from playing many other mods.

Only requirements are Morrowind.esm for the Morrowind Only version. Bloodmoon.esm is also required for the Full version.

Either delete your chosen .esp or deactivate it in your preferred mod organizer. It's quite the same as uninstalling many other mods.

Bethesda for developing the game in the first place.
You, the user, for playing the mod or just reading here in the readme. :)

You are free to use this mod any way you like. You are also free to upload it anywhere you like. All I ask is that you credit me.