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Adds the passing time while in any interface (like your inventory, books, dialogue etc) to the current time when you resume play. Pass the time for real while reading books, talking, and so on!

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You start to read a book at 8 o'clock.
It's a good book, and you read it for an hour.
Then you check the time ingame...

... it's still 8 o'clock.
Immersion broken!

Time normally freezes when you're in any menu or interface screen in Morrowind. This mod simply adds the time that elapsed during that interface to the current time in the game, meaning if you had a five minute conversation with someone, it would be five minutes later ingame when you exit the dialogue (accurately adjusted for the timescale setting.) Now you can really pass the time while reading a book in Morrowind! All interfaces (books, dialogue, inventory, barter menus, etc.) are affected except the console and Options menu.

(Note that this only updates your current time AFTER you leave the interface, not during; time is still frozen until then.)

I probably went overboard with the script logic to make it ironclad (yet simple) so basically you could set any timescale and have a dialogue that lasted years, and the time will still update accurately, accounting also for the different number of days in each calendar month.


This this mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) version 0.10.0
(Older versions will not work with MWSE 2.0+)
Additionally, it will require the latest nightly build of MWSE 2.1

You may also want to install the Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) and ensure the "Calendar fix" is enabled, which adds the missing month of Morning Star. This mod will also work without it, though if you used any other method to correct the missing month, it will not work as intended.