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Highly-detailed, vanilla-style textures for Masser and Secunda, the moons circling planet Nirn in the ethereal plane of Mundus.
UPDATE: New optimised packs!

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That's right, non-lorefans: the moons hanging above Nirn (the planet where Tamriel is located) are the body of a dead god! Not that they look like a dead god, but anyway... whether you follow that lore (you can find the lorebook "The Lunar Lorkhan" ingame) or not, I fixed two common issues with this high definition remake of Masser and Secunda: the excessive transparencies that made these moons just look odd, and the black/white borders that sometimes occur with other moon replacers. While it's "lore" that they disappear from the sky (and they still do when they approach the sun, a mechanism devised to avoid eclipses, I assume) I felt that as long as they behaved (mostly) like moons, they ought to also look like real moons. I thus used the same two sources that Bethesda based their original textures on (same two celestial bodies) so this should be about as vanilla/lore-friendly as it gets for a replacement - enjoy!

v1.1 UPDATE: I repacked the files according to Pherim's helpful suggestions, and you'll find that 512x512 for Masser and 256x256 for Secunda looks best for a standard 1920x1080 or similar setup. Higher resolutions or those playing with enlarged moons (see below) should opt for the HD pack! You can also find the full range of resolutions separately for each moon in the Optional Downloads section, for further customisation.


- Find the section in your Morrowind.ini marked [Moons]
- You can adjust the size of Masser and Secunda with their Size variables!
- With the 1024x1024 texture, there should be plenty of detail to look sharp even at huge sizes!
 (300 for Masser and 120 for Secunda might be interesting... Defaults are 94 and 40 respectively.)


- Tone adjustments
- More color variants
- Concept ideas

Feedback and requests welcome!


Secunda's surface detail can move strangely at higher timescales (like the default of 30.)
I play with my timescale set to 5.
You can adjust your own timescale with the console command: set timescale to 5
Or try a lower resolution.
(I may provide a "smoother" texture later if requested.)


When making your own moon replacer mods, be sure to adjust the moon silhouette found in "tx_mooncircle_*.dds" to accurately depict your intended moon outline. Can leave it at 256x256, increasing resolution does not seem to affect visual quality noticeably.

Submitted for the Morrowind May Modathon 2018