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A full landscape texture pack for the Bitter Coast region. Swampy, mossy, and dark but staying to the original intentions of Morrowind. Works well both without and with grass, and is designed to complement common grass packs like Vurt, Ozzy, Remiros, or Aesthesia.

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Part I - Landscape Textures - RELEASED
Part II - Trees and Flora - RELEASED (WIP)
Part III - Landscape Addons - On Hold

I've always felt that the Bitter Coast is a dense, mossy swamp caught between the mountains and the sea, dotted with brackish tidepools and sodden stumps. I've tried to create a cohesive package that feels muddier and damper than vanilla, while keeping close to its intended original art direction.

While Part 3 of Bitter Coast Redux is on hiatus, I highly recommend Vality's Bitter Coast (Compatibility Version) to dramatically increase the number of trees across the Bitter Coast region, in line with this mod's intended environment.

(Be sure to also grab the new v0.3 update for Vanilla Trees at BCR II - Trees And Flora for the newest tree textures!)


    Move the Textures folder provided in the ZIP archive into your Morrowind\Data Files folder. (Overwrite any existing files!)


    Remove the files you added from the Textures folder.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend the following mods to get the most out of your Bitter Coast experience:

Grass Mods: 

(BONUS TIP: If you install the meshes from "Scum Retexture" you will enable the alpha transparency of the scum texture included in this mod!)

None of these mods are REQUIRED to run this mod, but they will complement the experience excellently (be sure NOT to overwrite any files from this mod.)

Submitted for the Morrowind May Modathon 2018