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Adds Westly's Fine Clothier of Tamriel mod to levelled lists.

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Starfire's NPC Addon: Westly's FCOT

Part of the May Modathon Month

A simple add-on that allows Westly's Fine Clothiers of Tamriel to appear on NPCs added by Starfire. Items were added through leveled lists, with emphasis on NPCs class and immersion. Although well done, a lot of FCOT's clothes are overly glamorous, and would look too rich for a backwater territory like Vvardenfell. With that in mind, not everything presented by FCOT was used, but what was used should fit the characters that wear them. In that effect, you'll find smiths wearing blacksmith aprons, Altmer nobles wearing opulent Summerset clothes, pilgrims, scouts and merchants wearing dusty traveling clothes, backpacks and satchels, and so on. A handful of nobles wearing the most luxurious FCOT dresses were hand placed in Mournhold.

This add-on includes none of the assets required. You'll need Starfire's NPC additions and Westly's Fine Clothiers of Tamriel (see the links above). Once those two mods have been checked in your load order, make sure this add on is set after Starfire and Westly. Use a multipatch or a mashed list to ensure that all these items appear in leveled lists.

If you find items are too frequent or don't appear often enough, leave a comment for future updates.